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About SAGE testing

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SAGE - Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence - is Utah’s computer adaptive assessment system aligned to the state’s core standards.  Students who complete all four quarters of a SAGE-tested class are responsible for taking the summative SAGE test for that class.These summative adaptive assessments are required for state and federal accountability. See for more information about the SAGE system.

EHS classes qualifying for the SAGE test include:

English 09, English 10, Biology, Earth Systems, Math Level 1 and Math Level 2



Your local LEA is notified when you have qualified to take a SAGE test The assessment director is sent your contact information in your EHS profile (e-mail, phone, address, school).

If you are not contacted within a week of qualifying to take the SAGE test, contact your local school counselor to have them help you get your SAGE test scheduled. NOTE: The SAGE test and the proctored final for the class are not the same test.



1) You can see for yourself if you met the state standards for the class.

2) Your EHS teacher can see how well students have mastered the state standards.

3) Policy makers who fund EHS can evaluate how well EHS helps students learn.



You can see videos of types of SAGE questions at

You can take a practice test so you feel confident in how to do the test at

Just click the [Sign In] button and you'll be able to do the practice/training test as many times as you want. The SAGE testing engine doesn't allow things like searching the internet, etc.

Once you're familiar with how the testing system works, you schedule a time at your local school or district office with the SAGE test administrator to take the test.



To opt out of the SAGE test, the law requires that your parents notify EHS in writing. Ask your parent to send the opt-out form to or fax it to 801-538-7877  

The opt-out form includes your EHS username, a statement to opt out of one or all SAGE tests, and their relationship to you.

Utah State Code sections 53A-15-1403

Utah Code 53A-15-1403(9) permits parents, or students over the age of 18, to request to be excused (opted out) from tests administered statewide, including the Student Assessment of Growth and Excellence (SAGE) tests. That law also instructs that, as a result of the student opting out of statewide tests, neither the district or charter school (LEA) nor its staff should be negatively affected in school grading or employee evaluations. As such, students who were opted out of testing in accordance with this law are excluded from participation and performance calculations for Utah’s state accountability measures. These students cannot be excluded from federal accountability measures and reports, however, and are reported as non-participants. This may affect an LEA’s qualification for and the reception of certain federal dollars. A student who did not opt out and did not take the SAGE test due to absence or other reasons is counted as a non-participant in both state and federal accountability participation rate calculations. 

More Information

More general information is at:

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