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05.06 Lesson 5F: Stem Changing Verbs: O – UE (Poder/Dormir) (Spanish I)

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Lesson 5F
Stem Changing Verbs: O – UE (Poder/Dormir)

[A copy of this lesson is available in a PDF file!! If you prefer to use this type of document, just click on the following link to complete this lesson: SpI_Lesson5F]


           In lesson 4H, we learned about another type of irregular verbs, “stem changing verbs” and specifically, the verb stems that change from “e” to “ie” (Querer/Preferir). You may want to go back and review that lesson because this lesson follows the same format, but in this lesson, we’ll talk about verbs stems that change from “o” to “ue”. (Remember: a verb “stem” is the beginning part of a verb, that is in front of the verb endings of “-ar”, “-er”, or “ir”. These verbs are appropriately called “stem changing verbs” because they have all the “regular” verb endings, but it is the stem of the verb that changes!). As examples of this stem changing verb, we will be using two very common Spanish verbs “poder – to be able to/can” and “dormir – to sleep”.

           The stems for these verbs are “poder – pod...” (taking off the “-er” ending) and “dormir – dorm…” (taking off the “-ir” ending). The endings are the same as regular “-er” and “-ir” verbs but in the stems, “ue” replaces the “o”. The stems become “poder – pued...” and “dormir – duerm…” for all forms, except for in the nosotros(as) and vosotros(as) forms!! (¡¡Ojo!!: In the nosotros(as) and vosotros(as) forms, the verb uses the “unchanged” stems, “poder – pod…” and “dormir – dorm…” See the chart below:

           Other “o” to “ue” stem changing verbs: Learn these other verbs below as they are conjugated exactly as the verbs above:

           This is a fabulous presentation of this type of stem changing verbs (o to ue). Click on the following link, enter your name, and click on level A. On the left side, click on “Unidad 4”, “Lección 2”, “Gramática”, and then “Presentación: gramática 1”. A window will open with two cute animated marks (save this fun part for the end!!). Click on the tab “English Grammar Connection” and read the page, then click on the tab “Gramática” and read the page. Now click on the fun red and blue tab, “Pablo and Pili”, and click the arrow at the bottom of the page “>” to hear their fun lesson. When finished, click on the “x” in the upper right corner to close this window.
           On the left side of the screen, click on “Práctica: gramática 1”. Do the first page and when finished, click on the “Answer” button at the bottom of the page. Click on the blue “2” circle to bring up the next activity. After finishing these 5 activities, click on the “Level B” circle in the upper right of the screen. Now you will have 5 more activities to practice. Then go on to “Level C” for another 5 practice pages!! Wasn’t this a great site with lots of good practice??!!!