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01.04.01 The Great Gatsby study guides (AP English)

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Complete each study guide after reading the corresponding chapters. Submit them as ONE assignment (50 points).

Study Guide: Chapters 1-2
10 points

1. What examples are given in both chapters to show that Nick is a good listener?

2. How does the narrator describe Tom Buchanan?

3. Who is Jordan Baker?

4. What did Daisy say when her daughter was born?

5. Why does Nick feel uneasy after his conversation with Daisy?

6. What impression do you get from the first time Nick sees Gatsby?

7. What are the "eyes" of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg?

8. How does Catherine rationalize her sister's affair with Tom?

9. What does Tom do when Myrtle screams Daisy's name at him?

10. Describe the setting of the novel.

Study Guide: Chapters 3-4
10 Points

1. How does Nick happen to attend one of Gatsby's parties?

2. What are some of the rumors that circulate about Gatsby?

3. In ten words or less, describe the party.

4. What does Nick vaguely remember about Jordan Baker?

5. What does Gatsby show Nick to prove his story about his background is true?

6. Who is Meyer Wolfsheim?

7. What information does Jordan divulge about Daisy and Gatsby?

8. Why did Gatsby buy his house?

9. What request does Gatsby make of Nick, through Jordan?

10. What information further develops the character of Tom Buchanan?

Study Guide: Chapters 5-6
10 Points

1. What preparations does Gatsby make for his reunion with Daisy?

2. How does Daisy seem to be affected by this reunion?

3. Who is Klipspringer and what does he do?

4. What does Daisy seem to be the most impressed with while touring Gatsby's house? What is her reaction?

5. What is Jay Gatsby's real name and where was he born?

6. What effect did Dan Cody have on Jay Gatsby's life?

7. What doesn't Gatsby realize about Mrs. Sloane's dinner invitation?

8. What did Gatsby want Daisy to tell Tom?

9. Why do you think Tom attended Gatsby's party with Daisy?

10. What did Daisy think about the party?

Study Guide: Chapter 7
10 Points

1. Why did Gatsby fire all the servants?

2. What does the scene with Pammy suggest about Daisy as a mother? What effect does it have on Gatsby?

3. When does Tom realize that there is a defninte relationship between Daisy and Gatsby?

4. Who went to town and in which cars?

5. What plan does George Wilson reveal to Tom when they stop for gas?

6. As Myrtle looks out the window, what incorrect assumption does she make?

7. What makes Gatsby fear that all his dreams may have vanished?

8. What happened to Myrtle Wilson?

9. In what ways is Tom Buchanan a hypocrite?

10. Who was driving the "death car"?

Study Guide: Chapters 8-9
10 Points

1. How long had Daisy and Gatsby known each other in Louisville?

2. Who is Michaelis?

3. What did George see as proof that Myrtle was having an affair?

4. How does George view the eyes of Dr. Eckleburg?

5. Why wouldn't Wolfsheim attend Gatsby's funeral?

6. What part had Tom played in Gatsby's death?

7. What additional information is given about James Gatz by his father?

8. How does Gatsby's funeral reinforce the actual position Gatsby had attained in society?

9. How had Gatsby really made his money?

10. Why does Nick call Tom and Daisy "careless people"?

Scoring Method: 
Approximate Student Minutes Needed to Complete Activity: 
120 minutes
Approximate Teacher Minutes Needed to Complete: 
5 minutes
Total Points Possible: 
50 points possible
Credit Type: 
required activity