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04.03.03 Berlin Wall Questions(Geo4Life1)

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ASSIGNMENTS 04.03.03 The Berlin Wall

Content Objective: Examine the political and economic consequences of the Berlin Wall.

Introduction: The Berlin Wall was constructed during one night in 1961 while most Berliners slept. By the next morning, the work was done and the border to West Germany was closed. The barbed wire was up and the citizens were locked in as prisoners to their own country. The Berlin Wall was built during this era of the Cold War to divide East and West Berlin. It was about 26 miles long and ranged from 12 to 15 feet high. On November 9, 1989, the Wall was torn down, and people celebrated their new freedom. Why was the Wall constructed, and why was it torn down? You are going to go on an Internet scavenger hunt to find the answer to these and many other questions concerning the Wall. Use the links below to answer the following questions: The double row of bricks marks where the Berlin Wall used to stand: Wikimedia Commons, Anah, CC Attribution 2.0 GenericThe double row of bricks marks where the Berlin Wall used to stand: Wikimedia Commons, Anah, CC Attribution 2.0 Generic Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

1. When and how was the Berlin Wall built?

2. Why was it built?

3. Who built the Wall?

4. What was it made of?

5. What did it symbolize then and now?

6. Why was it torn down?

7. What did people spray on the walls? (Be more specific than "graffiti")

8. Why did the East side not permit people to approach the wall?

9. Do some people still want the wall to remain standing? Why?

10. How has life changed since reunification?

11. Was the economy like on each side?

12. Who were the leaders of the Soviet Union and the United States at the time the wall came down?

13. How many people were able to escape?

14. Describe one story of an escape.

15. What happened to those who tried to escape and were caught?

16. What were different methods used to escape?

17. Describe one thing you found interesting during this time (2-3 sentences).

Answer all of the questions correctly in your own words. Use complete sentences.

Scoring Method: 
Approximate Student Minutes Needed to Complete Activity: 
60 minutes
Approximate Teacher Minutes Needed to Complete: 
5 minutes
Total Points Possible: 
100 points possible
Credit Type: 
required activity
Approximate Student Minutes Need to Study for Activity: 
60 minutes
Recommended to be completed by the end of : 
Week 8