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Log-in to EHS SIS Account



Log-in to EHS SIS:

Be careful to not use the ENTER/RETURN key when filling in this form. Use the tab key or click with your mouse to move between the username and password fields.

<-- If you need to adjust the courses you've requested, you can update your course request in EHS SIS.

<-- If you are enrolled in a class, you can log-in to your class  in EHS Learn. NOTE: This link doesn't work for NEW students until the new account has been verified by hand by the EHS enrollment team.

<-- If you've recently changed schools or your e-mail address, you need to update your EHS SIS Registration in EHS SIS.

NOTE: if you have requested a new EHS account and you already had an existing EHS account, be prepared to wait before your classes can be granted. Students are allowed only one EHS account, so the duplicate account request will need to be reconciled with the original account.

The EHS Student Information System (SIS) stores EHS credit records and provides the interface for students to select quarter classes they've discussed with their school counselor and to log-in to their EHS classes.

If you have ever had an EHS account and do NOT know your new username and password for the EHS SIS, use the Help Request form.

EHS processes new account requests once a week. NOTE: You won't be able to log-in to our Learn system until you've been enrolled into a class and received an e-mail from the teacher.

EHS processes new course requests twice a week. You'll receive an e-mail from your EHS teacher when you've been enrolled in your requested class. Each class must be completed within 10 weeks of the date you are first enrolled in the class.

We recommend you log-in to the EHS Learn site several times a week to see if your class request has been granted.