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Frequently Asked Questions - EHS closing March 31, 2017

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Vital information about services at Electronic High School (EHS)

All classes  for all enrolled students end Friday, March 31, 2017

That means all students not finished (including the proctored final exam) in all classes will not earn credit for the unfinished class at EHS after March 31, 2017‚Äč

Other news of note:

  • Students who complete English 09-11, Math, or Science classes take the SAGE test for the completed class at their local school or LEA. More information at

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

You can request a new password from the log-in screen using the e-mail listed in your EHS SIS account.  Or you can ask for help on our Help Request Form.

If you want to reset or change your password, you have two different ways to do that.

1) To Reset: use the Forgot Password link. Put in your username and your EHS e-mail and it’ll send you a link to change your password.
2) Or To Change: log-in the the EHS SIS
Then click your name in the upper-right side of the window and choose User Profile from the drop down window.
You put your new password in there.



Do I need to stay active in the class?

Yes, students must be submitting assignments regularly to stay on the class roll.

Students who have not completed at least half of their classwork by March 17 will be dropped.

All students need to be finished by March 31, 2017.

What if I don't need the class I am enrolled in?

If you are enrolled in a class you don't need, you can fill in a Help Request form at the front page of EHS and ask to be dropped. Be sure your school counselor has pre-approved the withdrawal from the class since this may affect your graduation trajectory.

How do I tell EHS that my e-mail address has changed?

Log-in to EHS. Click the Edit Registration link. You can change your e-mail address there. Once a week, we sychronize your e-mail address with our Learn system.

How do I tell EHS that I've moved to a new school?

Log-in to EHS. After logging-in to EHS, click the [Edit Registration] link. Be sure you can keep your district and your current school up to date. EHS uses this information to provide your course completion certificates to your local school.


When the teacher has responded to your READY assignment and given you permission to take the final test, you Arrange to Take your Proctored Final Test. Then you study for your test. Arrive at your pre-arranged proctoring location at a local school, library, or testing center. Show your picture ID to your proctor. Some proctors require a fee. Log-in to your EHS class and scroll down to Topic 4. Click the final test. Ask the proctor to put in the test password. Complete the timed final test. Submit the test. Log-off your EHS account. Thank the proctor. Log-in every day over the next couple days to see the final grade that's been awarded for the class. When the grade has been sent to your school of record, you will be removed from that class. What if I can't find a certified proctor where I live? You can request an educator from your local Utah school to sign up to be certified as an EHS proctor.

What is the EHS Curriculum?

See The curriculum was released with a Creative Commons license early 2009.

 NCAA: Are EHS Core classes approved by NCAA? Yes.

Which EHS classes are approved by NCAA? The EHS institution code is 851024. Our approved classes are listed on the NCAA site. Be sure to talk with your school counselor to make sure they approve your taking the course from us to go onto your transcript. NCAA will ask your school to send your official transcript and ask us (EHS) to send our course completion certificate to assure we did grant the credit listed on your school's transcript.


PDFs include data from FY14, FY15, FY16, and through 8/31/2016 of FY17 including counts of classes completed for credit.

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