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sarah.gilbert's picture

Sarah Gilbert

Hello students! I taught at Odyssey Academy for eight years. While I was teaching at Odyssey Academy I worked for Electronic High School part-time, and then I left Odyssey Academy to teach full-time at EHS. I truly enjoy teaching, and I also enjoy being a student. I love going to school, and I am always trying to learn new things.

I REALLY enjoy traveling. Put me on a beach with a good book, and I am in heaven. I have traveled throughout the United States, Mexico, and Europe, but Bear Lake is still my favorite place to vacation. I love practicing yoga. My most favorite thing to do, is to spend time with my family, nothing beats that. My favorite treat is crab legs. I look forward to all four seasons of the year.

I am here to help the students of EHS be successful and reach their goals.

B.S. in Organizational Communication
Masters of Arts in Education
Secondary Teaching License
Level Two Math
General Financial Literacy
Yoga Certification

You can email me anytime, as I am on my computer throughout the day.

Please use the message tool on the front page of your class.

(801) 930-0162
teresa.hislop's picture

Teresa Hislop

I love to run, read, and write. I love science, sisters, and serendipity. Lost keys drive me crazy as do people who talk on and on and on and on and on...... I enjoy being a part of the Electronic High School and I hope you do too.

I graduated from summa cum laude from Brigham Young University with an Honors Degree in Science Education. I also have a Masters of Education from University of Utah. I have biology, Earth Systems and general science endorsements. I taught six years at Ben Lomond High School before coming home to raise my children in 1995. I have been teaching with the Electronic High School since its beginnings. I returned to the formal classroom in 2010; I currently teach 8th grade science at Ogden Preparatory Academy. WOW, this was a boring paragraph to write. I imagine it was a boring paragraph to read also.....

My office hours are from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. daily.

E-mail is the best way to contact me. Generally I answer e-mails daily. If you put "question" or "urgent" in the subject line, I will give priority to your e-mail. Under normal conditions, I give feedback on assignments within two working days (weekends and holidays excluded).

You may leave a message on my Google Voice account.

(801) 686-8645
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Shannon Lott

I am a woman, wife, and a mother to a crazy six-year-old girl, a tornado three-year-old little boy, and a four month old girl. I teach history for Electronic High School and I have taught English and history in the past for EHS and for another local high school. I love Oreos, the Olive Garden, and a good book. If I'm not grading papers somewhere or chasing my daughter, I'm probably watching FRIENDS with my husband, playing the Wii, or reading a magazine or something. I also like sports, talking about politics, travelling, and being with family. I'm excited to meet you and learn from you, as well as teach you something in the end.

Diploma, Viewmont High School, 2002
Bachelor of Arts, Utah State University, 2006
Major: History Teaching
Minor: English Teaching
ESL Endorsement, Davis School District, 2007

Courses Taught:
English 8
U.S. History I
English 11 (Honors)
English 11
U.S. History II
U.S. Government and Citizenship
English 10
Student Government
Credit Recovery (Base Camp)
Geography for Life

I update my calendar weekly to let you know when I'm working online.

Use the message tool within our course or my Google Voice number during my office hours.

(801) 871-5671
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Jennifer Mortensen

As a people person I find it fascinating to get to know others. Ironically I also find it difficult to write this type of personal synopsis because, though I love to learn about others, I am a bit reserved exposing myself.

As the fifth of eight children, I learned early how to fend for myself and set my own course. This has helped me develop a love for investigative learning and critical thinking. I love to dissect ideas that are beyond my normal realm of understanding. I enjoy motivating others to do the same. I suppose that is what initially led me into the field of education.

When I am not teaching, I am spinning around in the crazy life of my little family. We enjoy adventures of all kinds and are mapping them out and dreaming them up at any given moment. It can be a bit distracting at times.

I live with the juxtaposition of wanting less but constantly finding more. It is a blessing and a curse that I gleefully wrestle with and embrace.

English Secondary Ed. & Special Ed. Dual Certification
Utah State University

I typically answer questions and grade assignments from 4am - 9am, Mon. - Fri.. At times this schedule will vary. Check my calendar for updates and periodic changes. My office hours are from 8am - 9am & 2pm - 3pm, at which times you can reach me by phone; feel free to email or message me any other time.

The messaging system through your course.

(801) 893-1810
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Leslie Phillips

I started college in a pre-law program, but I found myself spending more and more time volunteering in local schools. Finally it occurred to me that education was where I truly wanted to be--and I changed my major. I spent nine years in public schools teaching English, history, and reading. I have now been with EHS for eight years and have enjoyed teaching English 12, English 11 and U.S. History. As you might suppose, I love reading--especially historical non-fiction--and when I have time, I also enjoy skiing, hiking, and spending time with my family. I have a husband and two great kids who are almost old enough to take EHS classes themselves.

Bachelor of Arts: Brigham Young University - 1990. Major: English; Minor: History
Reading Endorsement: University of Utah - 1991

Two years - J.D. Smith Middle School and Clark High School summer program - Las Vegas, Nevada
Seven years - Granite Park Junior High School - Salt Lake City, UT
Eight years - Electronic High School

Daily - see calendar for specific times.

Please use the message tool on our class page.
Google Voice number 801-899-9347

(801) 899-9347
julie.rasmussen's picture

Julie Rasmussen

If it's not too cold I enjoy being outside. I guess you could say I'm a wimp when it comes to keeping warm. I enjoy hiking, biking, and trying to play sports with my family. "Trying" is the key word, because I'm not very good at them, but I still enjoy the games. When I was nine months old, my older brother put his big, long, juicy earth worms on my high chair tray. He watched in horror as I sucked them down like pieces of spaghetti. To this day he complains that I ate his pet worms. I haven't eaten worms since, but I do enjoy calamari.

Southern Utah University, B.S., 1996
Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry
Secondary Education Certificate 1998

My office hours are Monday - Friday from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.

The best way to contact me is to instant message me, e-mail, text or call me at (801) 513 - 1263. When you leave me a message please tell me your name, plus the class and quarter you are enrolled in.

You can also e-mail me at Make sure you type "question" in the subject box.

(801) 513-1263
vicky.dahn's picture

Vicky Dahn

I was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. Following surgery I had four rounds of chemotherapy. My hair was just starting to grow back when this picture was taken.

I love sports and reading and spending time with my family.

I hate having my picture taken!!

B.S. University of Utah, Math major, Physics minor
M.Ed. University of Utah, Math Education
Ph.D. Brigham Young University, Educational Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction
Level 4 Math, Computer Science, Educational Technology, Administrative
12 years junior high school math teacher (Glendale Jr. High/Clayton Intermediate, SLCSD)
5.5 years district technology coordinator (SLCSD)
0.5 years elementary assistant principal (Bennion Elementary, SLCSD)
12 years State Technology Director/Curriculum Coordinator/Curriculum Director (Utah State Office of Education)
7 years Educational Consultant
4 years Utah Electronic High School (EHS)

4.5 hours a day

(801) 882-7061

(801) 882-7061
craig.cunningham's picture

Craig Cunningham

I love sports, especially football. The Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos are my favorite teams. Both allegiances are valid, having lived in both Denver and Dallas in my youth. Shamefully, I must admit I have a man-crush on Tony Romo, although Dak Prescott is narrowing the gap quickly. I also can't get enough Utah Jazz basketball. I have been a fan since the Stockton and Malone days, but am loving the prospects of the future with their new young roster.

Fitness has always been an integral part of my life. I enjoy weight lifting, but my favorite fitness activity is mountain biking. I also like to hike and ride ATV's. To calm the nerves, I like to sculpt when I can find the time. My subjects are typically athletes or religious heroes. What else would you expect from a P.E. teacher? I even have my own website. Feel free to check it out:

Over the past 20 years I have taught P.E., English, Health, and Careers. I have coached numerous high school sports: football, track and field, basketball, softball, and weight training. I also ran and operated my own gym, Peak Performance Training, for five years in Las Vegas as a strength and conditioning specialist for athletes.
Got an extra 57 seconds? Check out my video introduction. You won't be disappointed. (You may have to copy and paste the URL into your search window)

Graduated from Brigham Young University
Major: P.E. with a coaching emphasis
Minors: Health, Driver's Ed
Endorsement: English

Sorenson's Ranch School-Koosharem UT 1993-1995 P.E. and Health Teacher
Snowflake High School-Snowflake AZ 1995-1999 Head Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Assistant Football/ Softball and Track Coach
Peak Performance Training- Las Vegas NV 2001-2005 Owner and Operator of Sports Specific Athletic Training Facility
Explore Knowledge Academy- Las Vegas NV 2003-2005 PE Teacher
Sorenson's Ranch School-Koosharem UT 2005-2007 P.E. and Health Teacher
Piute High School-Junction UT 2007-2012 P.E.and English Teacher/ Assistant Boys Basketball Coach/ Head Track Coach
EHS 2012-Present Fitness for Life Instructor

Typically I'm online daily M-F from 7am-3pm, but be sure to check my calendar for times, as they do vary once in awhile.

Email is the best way to contact me.

Voice Mail 801-436-7419
Make sure to leave your name, course, and user name when leaving a message.

(801) 436-7419
ashley.hedin's picture

Ashley Hedin

I grew up on a dairy farm in beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming. I love being outdoors doing things like camping, boating, four-wheeling, and riding horses, motorcycles, and snowmobiles. Playing and watching sports is another hobby, mainly volleyball, basketball, football, and baseball/softball. I also love baking and eating treats! I especially enjoy spending time and doing these things with my family. I also love to read and some of my favorite books are from the regency period. My husband and I have a handsome little boy and a beautiful little girl. We live in Oklahoma where my husband is attending medical school at OSU.

Business and computers have always been great interests of mine. I love teaching others about them and love working at EHS!

B.S. Business Information Technology and Education, Utah State University
Microsoft Office Specialist: Certified in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
Exploring CS Endorsement

4 years at Mueller Park Junior High teaching Computer Technology, Keyboarding, and CTE Introduction to Business

Teaching at EHS since 2012

M-F 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
(These are my normal office hours when you can directly call or text my number, please check calendar for any changes.)

Canvas Learning System Messaging
Text or call my Google voice mail
Please include your name in all text and voice messages.

(801) 513-3314
kami.elison's picture

Kami Elison

I have five wonderful children. Three girls and two boys. My family and I enjoy the outdoors and especially like camping, fishing, riding four-wheelers and boating on Lake Powell. We love sports of all kinds but you can usually find us in the gym at some basketball game. I played college basketball and my husband coaches High School basketball and we love the sounds of the gym during game night! All of my kids are involved in different sports and that keeps life busy and exciting! I enjoy exercising and running to stay in shape and play pick-up basketball games once or twice a week at the gym.

I love to teach, my parents were both educators and my husband and I both teach High School. You could say it is in my blood! After I graduated from Southern Utah University my husband and I moved to Delta, Utah where I taught 1/2 year at the local High School. I then decided to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my kids. When we moved back to Cedar, I went back to teaching a half-day at Cedar Middle School. And I am now excited to work from home teaching for Electronic High School.

1996, College of Eastern Utah - Associates Degree
2000, Southern Utah University - Secondary Education
Business (Applied Technology/General)
Physical Education

Office Hours - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
But you can text or email me and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

email or phone or text

sarah.pecht's picture

Sarah Pecht

Hello Students!

I grew up in West Jordan, Utah and absolutely love the state of Utah. After high school I attended Southern Utah University and graduated with a teaching degree in Health Education and Dance Education. While at Southern Utah I participated on the University's Dance Team. Dance and Health are truly my passions in life and I feel very fortunate that I am able to use them both in my career.

I am married to an incredible man, Kellen, and we have two beautiful children. We love to spend time with each other. One of our favorite things to do together is to attend different sporting events - track meets, baseball, basketball, and football games... we love them all.

I taught Health and Dance at Jefferson Junior High in the Granite School District for five years. I am now a part-time teacher with the Utah Electronic High School. I love having the opportunity to work with students throughout the state of Utah, helping them to be successful in Health.

Diploma, West Jordan High School, 2004
Bachelor of Science, Southern Utah University, 2008
* Major: Dance Education
* Minor: Health Education

Feel free to email, call, or text as I am typically near a computer most of the day.
Always check my calendar for updated office hours!
General Office Hours:
Monday: 10-11am
Tuesday: 10-11am
Wednesday: 3:30-4:30pm
Thursday: 3:30-4:30pm
Friday: 10:00-11:00am

via the message tool inside Learn OR email at

Text or call my Google Voice-mail

rebecca.evans's picture

Rebecca Evans

I grew up in Tennessee in a town just outside of Nashville. I moved to Utah in 2008 to attend Brigham Young University. There I met my sweet husband who grew up in small town Parowan. Never did I think I would stay in Utah let alone move to Parowan but I have grown to love it! We currently live in southern Utah with our little girl Lucy.

I love the outdoors and doing things outdoors. I love being physically active and believe in living a healthy lifestyle, which is why I chose a career in health education. I have played many sports and have coached lacrosse and soccer. I enjoy running and biking. I enjoy participating in triathlons and challenging myself physically as well as mentally. In November 2015 I completed my first full Ironman in Panama City, Florida.

I love teaching at EHS and love the opportunity to help students succeed.

Brigham Young University- Graduated April 2012
BS School Health Education
Major: School Health Education
Minor: Physical Education and Coaching

4:00-5:00 pm M-F

Feel free to email, call, or text as I am typically near a computer most of the day. Always check my calendar for updated office hours!

Text or call my Google voice mail

(435) 319-0413
katherine.pickett's picture

Katherine Pickett

I grew up in Lindon, Utah and attended Pleasant Grove High School. After high school I moved to Logan, Utah where I attended college and got my first teaching job at Mountain Crest High School. I now live in Northern Missouri in a small town that seems to be three hours from everything. My husband is attending medical school here. We have two children. I have always loved the outdoors. I spend my summers hiking, fishing, and camping. I have played the cello for 19 years. I enjoy reading and listening to the news and follow politics closely. I am a healthy eater and enjoy going to the gym most mornings. I enjoy Zumba, Yoga and spin classes. I am always looking for another good book to read. For fun I like to watch a good movie with a big bowl of popcorn, topped with M&Ms (don't knock it until you've tried it).

Utah State University-- Graduated in 2009 with honors
B.S. Journalism and Communications
B.S. Political Science
Area Studies Certificate Women and Gender Studies

Utah State University 2012
M.Ed Secondary Education
Social Studies Composite Certificate
ESL Endorsement

I will be available between 9:00-10:00am MST on Monday-Friday to talk on the phone or message. If I have a change in schedule I will update it on my Google Calendar. I will also check my e-mail frequently throughout the day.

Through my GoogleVoice number, or via the message tool inside Learn

judith.sepulveda's picture

Judith Sepulveda

I was born and raised in the small coastal town of Woy Woy, in New South Wales, Australia. I came to the United States in 1970 on the newly re instituted K1 War Bride Visa. I was married in Los Angeles and my husband and I moved to Utah in 1971 so he could attend university. I attended school with him, but stopped to start a family. Eight children and fifteen years later I returned to finish my degree.

I graduated from Weber State University, sum cum laude, with a B.Sc. in History and Geography in 1988. I taught High School for a year, and then taught Middle School/Junior High for 21 years, retiring in 2011. I love teaching, and can honestly say that there was never a day that I did not love my job. I worked with some of the best administrators and teachers in the State of Utah; and some of the best students and parents!

I had the wonderful opportunity and experience to teach some of my own children, and even one of my grandchildren! Needless to say retirement was difficult for me. I struggled the first year to accept that I was not part of what I had so thoroughly enjoyed for over 20 years. My husband and I are converting an old church into a home and that consumes much of my spare time, as do my children and 22 grandchildren. Regardless of how busy I kept myself I still felt a void after retirement. I knit, and sewed and took up spinning (which is absolute fun and so rewarding.!) and served in several Church callings; I read and did Family History and still wasn't content. I always felt a certain melancholy; I began managing a bookstore for friends who moved out of state to tend a son, traumatically injured in a motorcycle accident. I enjoyed doing that for three years, but it was not until I started teaching at EHS that I felt a sense of "I'm content, at last!"

I am back doing what I love to do, once more with some of the finest educators and administrators in the State of Utah. I feel like now I can "have my cake, and eat it, too!" I can enjoy each day, at my own pace, and still do what I love to do, teach! For right now, it doesn't get any better....I have been happily married for 45 years, have eight beautiful children that I am immensely proud of, 22 beautiful, accomplished grandchildren, and I love where I am at, at this period in my life. I am content at last!

B.Sc. Weber State University 1988; certified to teach Social Studies, 6-12 including General Financial Literacy; technology endorsement (eMints);
22 years teaching experience: Ogden City Schools, Ben Lomond High School, Special Education, 1989-1990; Mount Ogden Middle School/Junior High School, History and Geography, Instructional Coach, 1990-2011

I work four hours a day, Monday through Friday, but can be reached, using email or Google Voice, or text, at any time during the day. My Office Hour is 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. I will grade on demand, if you have an urgent need, but expect a courteous request.

Please use the message tool inside our class to contact me.

Please use my voice mail phone number to leave me a message.

(435) 494-1754
kim.murphy's picture

Kim Murphy

I have been teaching computer science courses at Weber High School with 15+ years of teaching experience. I started teaching for the Electronic High School in 2014. I love Computer Science and teaching computer programming. I have been on committees to create the state core standards and tests for the Web Development and Computer Programming courses in the state of Utah.

My interests include hanging out with my four beautiful children, camping, hiking, swimming, playing guitar, rock climbing, and running.

Favorite Quote:
Reading is how people install new software in their brains!

M.S. Computer Science
Utah State University

B.A. Education
Weber State University

CompTIA I-Net+ Certification
Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)
Exploring CS Endorsement

15 Years Weber High School teaching computer programming
Teaching at EHS since 2014

4 hours a day

Please use the message tool inside our class to contact me.

Please use my voice mail to leave me a message.

(801) 317-8630
megan.hennessy's picture

Megan Hennessy

I love everything about education and continually strive to seek out more whenever I can, so that I can help others with their education. I have a sweet little boy and an adorable little girl that I love taking care of. I have a very attractive husband that's a foot taller than me. I never liked reading for leisure until I became a teacher and found young adult literature to be compelling and interesting to me.

I taught English at the middle school level as well as special education for 15 years. I have also been a facilitator for the Utah Standards (Common Core Standards) around the state of Utah as well as on the alignment committee with the standards for the ACT. I also facilitate online professional development courses for educators through UEN and Davis School District.
2014-Present EHS English 11 Educator
2011-Present Online PD educator
2005-2011 West Point Junior High English/Theater Teacher
2001-2005 Fairfield Junior High Resource/504 aid

Bachelor's of Science at Weber State University English Teaching/Theater Arts Teaching 2005
Associates of Arts at Salt Lake Community College Generals 2001
Reading Endorsement 2008
ESL Endorsement 2006
Current Utah license renewed 2014

6 hours a day
Regular office hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-7pm
Tuesday, Thursday 9-10am
Check for holidays or shorter weeks for changes.

Please use the message tool inside our class to contact me.

Please use my voice mail to leave me a message.

kaydee.phillips's picture

Kaydee Phillips

My life revolves around grading assignments and my little family! I have two darling daughters, a great husband, and an adorable pug. I spend most of my time entertaining my children and allowing their imaginations to take us on many adventures. My favorite activities involve exploring the outdoors with my family. It is fun to watch my children gain an appreciation for the natural world and find their place within it.
My love of writing and literature was also inspired by the natural world. I became inspired by the writings of Jack London, Edward Abbey and Henry David Thoreau while I was in high school. Their writings eloquently described my exact feelings when I was in a wild landscape. My love of nature has taken me on many journeys ranging from observing monkeys in the rainforests of Belize to climbing high peaks in Wales.

B.A. Weber State University--English Major/Botany Minor
M.S. Utah State University--American Studies
I have taught writing at the university level since 2000.
I have been teaching at the secondary level since 2005.

My office hours are from 8-9 am, Monday through Friday. At this time, you can call me and we can chat over the phone. I am always happy to arrange another time to speak with you. You can always call (801)-513-1506 and leave me a message. I will get back to you as soon as I can. You are welcome to text questions to that number as well.

Please use the message tool inside our class to contact me.

Please use my voice mail to leave me a voice message. You can also text questions as needed.