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Classes Offered


Requesting a Class

To enroll in an EHS class, students log-in to EHS SIS and click the Request Classes link using your new EHS SIS username and password. Your request is date-stamped. Requests are honored for students who are currently enrolled in less than 2 classes. When you have completed a class and your class count goes to 1 or below, your requests are processed as seats are available.

NOTE: Please be sure your school counselor has pre-approved the class, or it may not count towards your graduation. Also, be aware that each quarter class requires students complete the required course work AND pass a proctored final test before credit is awarded. Proctors must be Utah residents and be certified by EHS. Some proctors require a fee.

Class List

Please note: Not all classes are available for immediate student enrollment. As an EHS student finishes a class, that class seat becomes available for another EHS student. Use the "Class Request Form" as described above to request an available class seat. EHS no longer offers the classroom portion of Driver Education.

Each quarter class can be taken from EHS only once for credit.  Each class needs to be completed in ten weeks except for Fitness for Life which is completed in seven weeks.

* indicates a required class for graduation in Utah.

Computer Education - 0.5 units of credit required

  • Computer Literacy (0.5) * (Q1, Q2)

Healthy Lifestyles & Physical Education - 2.0 units of credit required (1.5 credit available through EHS)

  • Health Education II (0.5) * (Q1, Q2)
  • Fitness for Life (0.5) * (Q1, Q2)
  • PE Participation Skills and Techniques (0.5) (Q1, Q2)

Language Arts - 4.0 units of credit required

Mathematics - 3.0 units of credit required (1.0 credits available through EHS)

  • Secondary Math Level 1 (1.0) * (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)

Science - 3.0 units of credit required (2.0 credits available through EHS)

Social Studies - 2.5 units of SS credit required; 0.5 Financial Literacy credit required

  • Geography for Life (0.5) (Q1, Q2)
  • U.S. Government & Citizenship (0.5) * (Q1, Q2)
  • World Civilizations (1.0) 0.5 required * (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
  • U.S. History II (1.0) * (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4)
  • Financial Literacy (0.5) * (Q1, Q2)

24 units of credit required to graduate with a Utah high school diploma.
View Utah required credits. 


Driver Education - EHS no longer offers the classroom portion of Driver Education online. Various districts and schools have begun offering the class online. Visit with your local school counselor to discover your options. If you live in 

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