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Arranging to Take my Proctored Final Test

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As soon as your EHS teacher has graded your Ready assignment in your gradebook and given you permission to take the proctored final test, you are "Ready" to do these final steps.



<-- Check the school listed in your EHS SIS Registration so EHS will be able to deliver your credit to the correct registrar when you pass the proctored final.


Then please do the following steps:

STEP ONE: View current EHS Certified proctors list. This will bring up the list of Utah counties which link to proctors available in your area. NOTE: Some schools have certified proctors whose names are not on the list. Your school counselor will know if your school has an unlisted certified proctor. Then proceed to step two.

STEP TWO: Contact your preferred proctor to arrange the date and time for the test. It's best to contact the proctor in person during their office hours to arrange a date and time. Note: based on local district policy, some proctors charge for their proctoring services.  Then proceed to step three. (NOTE: You no longer need to notify the EHS Proctor Manager who your proctor is.)

STEP THREE: Meet with your proctor at your arranged time, present your picture ID and then take your final test.  When you have successfully passed the proctored final, your EHS teacher will give you your grade and then our registrar will send the record of the credit to the school listed in your EHS account.  

STEP FOUR: The credit arriving at your school may take two or three days or two to three weeks depending on what time of year it is. When your class is no longer in your Courses menu in Learn, follow-up with your school registrar to be sure to SEE the credit listed on your transcript. It is rare there's any type of problem, but if there was one, it is far better to take care of it soon.

After You Have Been Dropped from the Class, Here's How To See Your Awarded EHS Grades

When you log into the EHS SIS system, at the top of  the screen is the word Reports. Click on that to open up a new tab or window.  On the new tab window under the report dropdown menu select Student Transcript which lists your name. Select the report format - in Acrobat (.PDF), Excel (.XLS), Text (.TXT), or  Web (.HTML). Then click the [Generate Report] button which will open up a new tab or the document showing the Unofficial Copy of your EHS transcript.

Please note that the Utah Electronic High school delivers credits to students at Utah Schools and all final exams MUST BE TAKEN IN UTAH.   NO TESTS ARE PROCTORED OUTSIDE OF UTAH.