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Welcome to the Utah Electronic High School




Utah Electronic High has closed and is no longer available for students.

All EHS classes ended Friday, March 31, 2017. 

If you are currently enrolled in a Utah school, please speak with your counselor regarding appropriate coursework and available classes to ensure your choices will meet graduation requirements and personal college and career goals.  You can also find additional information about courses available through the statewide online program at

Please consider thanking EHS teachers who have helped so many students through the years.


For help, please use the Help Request form.


  • SAGE testing
    Students who complete all four quarters of a SAGE-eligible class at EHS (LA 9-11, Math, Science) are added to the SAGE system and expected to complete the SAGE test within 30 days of completing the last quarter of the class with EHS.
  • Letter-grade, quarter credits
    Each EHS class, when completed successfully, generates one-quarter (0.25) of high-school credit. All classes generate letter grades to be added to the student's transcript. Students need to work closely with their teacher to earn the letter grade they expect. EHS does NOT offer pass/fail credit for any class.
  • EHS students abide by the school honor code
    "As a student of the Electronic High School, I agree to turn in my assignments in a timely manner, do my own work, not share my work with others, and treat all students, teachers, and staff with respect."
    t class enrollments.
  • Accredited by the Advanc-ED 
    The Electronic High School is accredited by Advanc-ED an international accreditation commission. Students who complete courses from the Electronic High School will have a course completion certificate delivered electronicallly to their local school of residence with the grade and credit earned.

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